Fantasy Review For 2017/18 Season:

The biggest story on this team was collapse in value for multiple long-time starters. John Wall, Markieff Morris and Marcin Gortat simply disappointed their GMs last year and while it could be just unlucky fluke for Wall because of injuries, it’s probably close to the end in fantasy spotlight for the other two players.

There were no big positive surprises in Washington but it’s worth mentioning temporary relevance of Kelly Oubre and Tomas Satoransky.

Changes in the offseason:

Lost = Marcin Gortat, Mike Scott, Tim Frazier.
Added = Dwight Howard, Austin Rivers, Jeff Green, Troy Brown Jr

Projected Depth Chart:

John Wall Bradley Beal Otto Porter Markieff Morris Dwight Howard
Tomas Satoransky Austin Rivers Kelly Oubre Jeff Green Ian Mahinmi
Austin Rivers Jodie Meeks Troy Brown Jr Kelly Oubre Jason Smith

Positional Battles: PF

Wizards are pretty much set at guard positions and it would take an unexpected turn of events for Dwight not to start at center so the biggest question mark is their power forward slot. Who will play the second most minutes after Otto Porter [who can also play some PF]?
Will this be the year for Oubre to shine or will Markieff Morris hold on for one more year?

Fantasy Relevant in leagues with 12- to 15-teams:

Otto Porter Jr.

50 FG%, 83,019 FT%, 1,89 3PM, 13,93 PTS, 5,94 REB, 1,66 AST, 1,53 STL, 0,53 BL, 0,92 TO

Two years in a row he was the best Washington player in Fantasy Roto but somehow he is still underrated.
Yes, his stats don’t jump at you from the page but his lack of bad categories and top-notch percentages create a really strong package suitable for multiple strategies. Fantasy basketball is a game only about the numbers and list of youtube highlights is not one of them so don’t let him fall behind Wall and Beal on your board or during draft day. Well, unless you play in the league with fantasy points scoring.

Bradley Beal

46,008 FG%, 79,634 FT%, 2,65 3PM, 21,26 PTS, 3,77 REB, 3,87 AST, 1,15 STL, 0,32 BL, 2,26 TO

In 2017/18 he had a career year in rebounds and assists so you can easily envision here another step forward for a star in his prime. But I would temper those expectations because most of the jump in assists happened without John Wall on the court and Dwight Howard usually vacuums rebounds from everybody around him. The most probable way he can improve is simply be more efficient with his shots but it’s somewhat a mystery to me why can’t he crack 80% from the line? That seems weird for such a great shooter.

John Wall

43,251 FG%, 79,51 FT%, 1,4 3PM, 20,36 PTS, 3,81 REB, 10,05 AST, 1,72 STL, 0,69 BL, 4,02 TO

Last year was pretty much a worst-case scenario for him because not only he missed half a season with injuries but he played badly in the other half. While it’s easy to assume it will be a bounce back year for him the question is how high? Most categories will probably return to his averages in the previous 2-4 seasons but in my opinion his value will be determined by two things: blocks and attempted threes.

He’s a weak long-distance shooter so the more he takes the worse it is for his FG% and he alternated between 3 and 4 threes per game [his FG% accordingly changed between 42 and 45!]. Which one will he choose this season? Because of Dwight in the middle I assume the latter.

Another key question is he one of the best blocking guards of all-time? Because he was last year… in a small sample so it’s something to monitor early on. Average above 1 block per game would be a sneaky way to improve his fantasy value.

Dwight Howard

57,549 FG%, 53,488 FT%, 0,01 3PM, 13,97 PTS, 11,77 REB, 1,3 AST, 0,77 STL, 1,42 BL, 2,4 TO

It’s his fourth team in four years and he was pretty much the same anywhere – if you punt FT% he’s very attractive as a cheap source of big guy stats but otherwise he’s a hard pass.

The most important part about his decision to join Wizards is his potential to impact others – expect decline in rebounding numbers across the board and less space for drives to the basket which could be bad news for John Wall. Especially if he settles for more long jumpers because of it.

Kelly Oubre

41,563 FG%, 81,092 FT%, 1,66 3PM, 10,92 PTS, 4,08 REB, 1,07 AST, 0,99 STL, 0,35 BL, 1,07 TO

On a team with established players Oubre is easily the most probable source of surprises [can he make another step in percentages or defensive numbers?] and he would be a very good sleeper without 2 factors – Jeff Green and Troy Brown Jr. Why would Wizards sign two very similar players if they believed in Oubre’s future? That doesn’t make sense so I assume they will trade him to avoid paying his next contract.

Could be useful with trades/injuries [or in deeper leagues than 15 teams]:
Markieff Morris, Tomas Satoransky.

Just don’t bother with:
Jeff Green, Austin Rivers.
They were barely playable with starter’s minutes and they won’t get them anymore so…

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