Fantasy Review For 2017/18 Season:

In the first year post Chris Paul they lacked stars but they collected many quality players [based on the averages 7 were in the Top150 for 9-cat, 8 if we count Blake] though this depth was a little bit of mirage because of the injuries three of them played a combined total of 93 games. The main story of the season was probably how quickly they changed the course with Blake Griffin by trading them instead of following on the promise of Clipper-for-life but Lou Williams and Tobias Harris nicely stepped up into the void left by stars to accomplish a career-best years.

Changes in the offseason

Lost = DeAndre Jordan, Austin Rivers, Sam Dekker
Added = Marcin Gortat, healthy Patrick Beverley, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Luc Mbah a Moute

Projected Depth Chart:

Patrick Beverley Avery Bradley Danilo Gallinari Tobias Harris Marcin Gortat
Lou Williams Lou Williams Wesley Johnson Luc Mbah a Moute Montrezl Harrell
Milos Teodosic S. Gilgeous-Alexander Luc Mbah a Moute Mike Scott Boban Marjanovic

Positional Battles: Guards

Currently there’s a logjam among the guards with at least 5 players expected to have significant playing time there but I assume the problem will solve itself either by injuries or trades so all of them somehow will be able to play. But if everyone is healthy and we assume no changes to the roster, this will be a crowded rotation with many split minutes.

Fantasy Relevant in leagues with 12- to 15-teams:

Tobias Harris

46 FG%, 82,6 FT%, 1,96 3PM, 18,47 PTS, 6,73 REB, 2,48 AST, 0,92 STL, 0,5 BL, 1,56 TO

He rejected extension offer from the Clippers in the offseason so he will play for a massive new contract but he also had a career-best season last year so it’s not obvious he will top it. Will he shoot above 41% behind the three-point line again? I don’t think so. Will he get a ton of minutes on a deep team? I’m not sure. But otherwise there’s an opportunity for him to shine as the most reliable forward on the Clippers who’s also versatile and in prime of his career, so I think he will have a really good season.

Danilo Gallinari

41,2 FG%, 89,4 FT%, 1,97 3PM, 16,82 PTS, 4,85 REB, 1,97 AST, 0,61 STL, 0,37 BL, 1,27 TO

He’s a solid scorer with spectacular FT% but with a very low chance of playing the whole season. It’s kind of amazing his track record of missed games didn’t scare away Clippers from signing him but if you want to make that decision make sure you have nerves made of steel or a lot of patience and IR/IL slot ready to accommodate him.

Montrezl Harrell

63,3 FG%, 62,9 FT%, 0,01 3PM, 11,11 PTS, 4,75 REB, 1,07 AST, 0,53 STL, 0,78 BL, 0,94 TO

He’s a top notch finisher who doesn’t shoot many jumpers so he was among league leaders in positive effect on FG% despite playing limited minutes. This ability combined with low turnovers and decent big man stats made him a surprising Top100 player in 9-cat and he there was nothing fluky about it so he probably will do it again. It’s a really great profile for sneaky and cheap value at the end of drafts. I would be even higher on him had Clippers just let Jordan walk away without a replacement but with Gortat in town his path to more minutes has more obstacles.

Lou Williams

43,7 FG%, 86,4 FT%, 1,69 3PM, 18,64 PTS, 2,36 REB, 4,16 AST, 0,97 STL, 0,2 BL, 2,33 TO

Last year was a perfect storm for him because Clippers needed his playmaking and shot-creation so badly he played by far career-high in minutes [which lead to many career-highs in offensive categories]. But this explosion means there’s a very low chance something similar will happen again this year so don’t buy him at anything close to last year’s value. Especially with the glut of options Clippers have among guards though he will probably be the most reliable of them all.

Patrick Beverley

42 FG%, 76,6 FT%, 1,76 3PM, 10,51 PTS, 4,23 REB, 2,88 AST, 1,44 STL, 0,35 BL, 1,63 TO

Avery Bradley

44,3 FG%, 77,2 FT%, 1,42 3PM, 13,49 PTS, 3,22 REB, 1,88 AST, 1,08 STL, 0,18 BL, 1,48 TO

I put them together because they have a very similar profile, both are decent in 9-cat value when healthy but they missed a lot of games in recent years so you shouldn’t expect a full season out of them. Both can be free agents in 2019 so it’s a real possibility they will be traded in the next 5 months but both are considered good 3&D players which almost guarantee them high-ish minutes no matter where they play. The main difference between them is that Beverley offers more defensive numbers while Bradley is more of a scorer.

Marcin Gortat

53,4 FG%, 67 FT%, 0 3PM, 8,94 PTS, 8,22 REB, 1,61 AST, 0,47 STL, 0,74 BL, 1,27 TO

Had he stayed on the Wizards I would assume another move down in the rankings but I think this trade gave him one more life. I assume Clippers acquired him as a cheaper alternative to DeAndre Jordan so I assume he will get significant minutes and he will decent 3rd big as usual. But keep in mind he will be 35 years old in February so it’s probably his last opportunity to start and he could be anytime replaced by younger and more dynamic Montrezl Harrell so there are some risks as well.

Could be useful with trades/injuries [or in deeper leagues than 15 teams]:
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Boban Marjanovic
I lost hope Boban will ever be unleashed but at least he’s closer to the Hollywood so maybe there…

Just don’t bother with:
Wesley Johnson, Luc Mbah a Moute, Milos Teodosic

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