Fantasy Review For 2017/18 Season:

Myles Turner didn’t take a next step forward which many have hoped for but the rest of starting five outperformed their draft-day price in fantasy which made Pacers the most surprising and profitable team last year. And when you drafted Oladipo, you won a jackpot. All those success stories created a better than expected team in Indiana which turned out to be the toughest opponent LeBron James had to face in his another run to the finals.

Changes in the offseason

Lost = Lance Stephenson, Al Jefferson
Added = Tyreke Evans, Doug McDermott, Kyle O’Quinn, Aaron Holiday

Projected Depth Chart:

Darren Collison Victor Oladipo Bojan Bogdanovic Thaddeus Young Myles Turner
Cory Joseph Tyreke Evans Tyreke Evans Doug McDermott Domantas Sabonis
Aaron Holiday Cory Joseph Doug McDermott Domantas Sabonis Kyle O’Quinn

Positional Battles: None

There’s a possibility Tyreke Evans will start at SF but I don’t think he’s a good fit next to Oladipo so I assume he will be the 6th man.
Also keep in mind that Thaddeus Young could be traded which will open up starting role at PF for either Doug McDermott or Domantas Sabonis [if he plays well next to Turner].

Fantasy Relevant in leagues with 12- to 15-teams:

Victor Oladipo

46,2 FG%, 79,4 FT%, 2,03 3PM, 21,57 PTS, 5,28 REB, 4,16 AST, 1,98 STL, 0,54 BL, 2,83 TO

He won the most improved player award in the NBA and he would have won a similar award in fantasy with his explosion from average player to elite one. He notched a career-high in almost every category which made him a draft-day steal in all formats. But under the hood there are some worrying signs for this year because he cooled off significantly when the calendar switched to 2018 [including playoffs] which strongly suggests that it was not only about the improvement, he simply had really hot 2 first months [especially behind the 3-point line]. It may happen again but you shouldn’t bet on it. After the all-star break Oladipo was still a really good player so he definitely improved, probably just not to the level of Top10 in 9-cat Roto at which he finished 2017/18.

Additionally Pacers added Tyreke Evans who has a similar style of driving to the basket a lot which should affect Oladipo’s stats in a small way.

Myles Turner

48,7 FG%, 78,5 FT%, 1,03 3PM, 13,79 PTS, 6,73 REB, 1,42 AST, 0,61 STL, 1,91 BL, 1,54 TO

There were 2 main reasons he disappointed last year:
– injuries, not only he missed games because of them but concussion in October didn’t help his early performance.
– emergence of Domantas Sabonis at center.
Hopefully the first point will not be true this season but the second one is kind of a key to Turner’s value.
Can he and Sabonis play together significant minutes? Last year’s data suggests they can’t but the sample was small and I’m pretty sure Pacers will try again. If it doesn’t work again, it will limit Turner’s minutes so that’s something to keep an eye on during the preseason games.

Thaddeus Young

48,2 FG%, 60,3 FT%, 0,8 3PM, 11,79 PTS, 6,23 REB, 1,79 AST, 1,54 STL, 0,43 BL, 1,32 TO

Because of his age and contract he’s a prime candidate to be traded this year so it’s hard to project his stats. Above it’s basically a generic recent year by Thaddeus because for the purpose of preseason expectations I assume he will spend 2/3 of the season in Indiana and 1/3 on different team [with lower playing time]. But if you assume trade earlier you should drop him lower in your rankings because at this point in his career there aren’t many teams in the league which could offer him a starting job.

Darren Collison

47,5 FG%, 87,1 FT%, 1,25 3PM, 11,62 PTS, 2,48 REB, 4,47 AST, 1,21 STL, 0,16 BL, 1,24 TO

Do you realize that last year he made around 47% of his threes out of 205 attempts?
You don’t because he’s usually underrated and while he won’t repeat above numbers this year, it was another season he had great percentages so that part of his game was not a surprise. Despite his statue and physical limitations he can pick his spots well and he’s a deadly Catch and Shoot sniper which combined with some traditional point guard duties make him a solid and cheap 3rd guard in any fantasy rotation.

Tyreke Evans

44 FG%, 76,9 FT%, 1,64 3PM, 15,26 PTS, 5,1 REB, 4,01 AST, 1,19 STL, 0,3 BL, 2,14 TO

Last year he had a great bounce back season in Memphis and it was his third year in a row with efficient three point shooting so it seems to be one of his skills now. But in new situation in Indiana he won’t have the ball in his hands all the time and he probably won’t play as many minutes as with Grizzlies so his value will go down significantly. But even as a 6th man his mix of offensive categories and steals should be solid.

Could be useful with trades/injuries [or in deeper leagues than 15 teams]:
Domantas Sabonis, Bojan Bogdanovic, Kyle O’Quinn

Just don’t bother with:
Doug McDermott, Cory Joseph
While they have a chance to play above 24 minutes per game they simply don’t provide enough versatility to be more than border-line players in 9-cat value.

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