Fantasy Review For 2017/18 Season:

They won NBA championship so obviously they are happy about their season but in fantasy they really disappointed. 2 ex-MVPs missed too many games to return draft-day investments in them plus Draymond and Klay played worse than expected so it sure looked like a hangover after another long playoff run. Will it happen again? On the other hand David West and Jordan Bell had some nice moments but it was only border-line rotation level so not good enough to counterbalance lost value from 4 all-stars.

Changes in the offseason

Lost = Nick Young, Zaza Pachulia, David West
Added = DeMarcus Cousins, Jacob Evans, Jonas Jerebko

Projected Depth Chart:

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Kevin Durant Draymond Green Damian Jones
Shaun Livingston Patrick McCaw Andre Iguodala Jonas Jerebko Jordan Bell
Quinn Cook Jacob Evans Klay Thompson Kevin Durant Kevon Looney

Positional Battles: C until the return of DeMarcus Cousins

With 4 all-stars in the starting lineup there can be only one positional dilemma but it’s quite an interesting one.
An easy choice and probable starter in 2019, DeMarcus Cousins, won’t be ready anytime soon and even when healthy he will play limited minutes. That means one of the 3 center prospects [Looney, Jones, Bell] will have to step up and all of them will probably get a chance. Though it doesn’t matter much who will win this battle because the winner won’t play a lot minutes anyway and he will start only temporarily.

There’s also a possibility Draymond or Durant will start at center to make room for Jonas Jerebko or another wing but it won’t work against most matchups so I count that as a solution only for spot starts.

Fantasy Relevant in leagues with 12- to 15-teams:

Stephen Curry

48,2 FG%, 90,4 FT%, 4,35 3PM, 25,16 PTS, 4,5 REB, 5,99 AST, 1,6 STL, 0,19 BL, 2,93 TO

While offensively he looked spectacular as usual his steals per game crashed to a 7-year low which is a red flag for point guard at age 30. Or it could have been a fluke but it’s an important reminder his best seasons may be already behind him.

But the most important part of his season was only 51 games played because of those damned ankles. Will they flare up again? He was incredibly healthy in previous 5 seasons so it was not obvious to have happened last year but it’s a significant risk which should be included in the decision to draft one of the best players in fantasy hoops.

Kevin Durant

51 FG%, 88,7 FT%, 2,25 3PM, 24,09 PTS, 6,51 REB, 4,86 AST, 0,76 STL, 1,58 BL, 2,79 TO

His stat-line will always be beautiful for Roto [especially with new-found blocks from protecting the rim] because he’s so versatile and efficient. But there’s a worrying sign under the hood, in the last 4 years he played in only 68, 62, 72 and 27 games respectively and with Warriors in cruise mode during the regular season it probably won’t improve much this year. Also is this possible his thin body type can’t handle the long runs in the playoffs? I don’t know but that’s something to consider for teams which will want to sign him in the offseason.

Klay Thompson

47 FG%, 85,4 FT%, 3,24 3PM, 19,12 PTS, 3,63 REB, 2,31 AST, 0,8 STL, 0,47 BL, 1,7 TO

Klay’s statistical profile is really stable but there’s a new wrinkle this year in DeMarcus Cousins because it adds another high-usage player to the rotation. While he obviously won’t reach levels from Sacramento or New Orleans, he will definitely shoot more than low-usage role-players Warriors played at center in the past and those shots have to come from somewhere. It will affect everyone but Klay’s fantasy value is the most dependent on points and threes so there’s more risk for sudden drop. But keep in mind we’re talking about only one half the season worth of games so in the other half we should get another typical Klay season.

Draymond Green

44,2 FG%, 75,9 FT%, 1,15 3PM, 10,9 PTS, 7,27 REB, 6,64 AST, 1,46 STL, 1,25 BL, 2,64 TO

He made a big step forward in efficiency from the free-throw line and bounced-back in FG% yet his overall value in 9-cat fell significantly because of a single category – steals per game. He went from elite average of 2 to 1,36 which suggests he was gunning for them to win award for the best defender in 2016/17. So I assume he won’t do it again this year. But the biggest story around his fantasy value for 2018/19 is DeMarcus Cousins. Draymond was at his best at center and he will have fewer opportunities to play there so I assume more losses in key categories.

DeMarcus Cousins

48 FG%, 75,2 FT%, 1,06 3PM, 15,14 PTS, 7,99 REB, 2,66 AST, 1,02 STL, 1,02 BL, 2,3 TO

While his decision to join the Warriors shocked many it really makes a lot of sense. He will rehab without any timetable or pressure to help the team and during this lost year he will [probably] win a ring which he wouldn’t get in any other way. But for fantasy it’s a really atypical scenario for injured star – when healthy he won’t be even close to his great production in previous years and due to projected missed games he should be treated like a typical role-player not a 4-time all-star in his prime. There will be many career-lows from his performance so buy him only at a very discounted price [and preferably with available IL/IR slot].

Jordan Bell

58,8 FG%, 69,8 FT%, 0,02 3PM, 5,63 PTS, 4,5 REB, 1,75 AST, 0,73 STL, 1,2 BL, 1,05 TO

For value in 9-cat Roto Jordan Bell is clearly the best one of Warriors’ three young centers but will he win the job early or will Warriors experiment with all options? I assume he will be drafted in the last round and dropped by almost everyone a couple days after the return of DeMarcus Cousins.

Could be useful with trades/injuries [or in deeper leagues than 15 teams]:
Kevon Looney, Andre Iguodala

Just don’t bother with:
Shaun Livingston, Patrick McCaw, Jonas Jerebko, Quinn Cook

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