Fantasy Review For 2017/18 Season:

Mavs had 4 players in the Top150 of 9-cat Roto but the best of them was 39 years old Dirk which is very telling how their season went. Barnes’ value slipped, Matthews stayed on the fringes of rotation in that format, rookie Dennis Smith struggled, Seth Curry didn’t play a single game for them and do you even remember the Noel era in Dallas?

The only positive news was some solid contributions from the bench [Yogi Ferrell, Dwight Powell] and that all that misery ended up with a high draft pick in the 2018 draft.

Changes in the offseason

Lost = Yogi Ferrell, Nerlens Noel
Added = DeAndre Jordan, Luka Doncic

Projected Depth Chart:

Dennis Smith Wesley Matthews Harrison Barnes Luka Doncic DeAndre Jordan
J.J. Barea Devin Harris Luka Doncic Dirk Nowitzki Dwight Powell
Devin Harris Luka Doncic Dorian Finney-Smith Maxi Kleber Salah Mejri

Positional Battles: Dirk’s dilemma

In my opinion the biggest question around their starting lineup is what will Mavs do with their franchise player?
Will he be a backup center or a backup PF? Or maybe as a courtesy will he even start at PF?
All those options affect mostly three players – Barnes [where will play most of his minutes? At SF or PF?], Matthews and Doncic [will they both start or will one of them go to the bench? Which one?].
I assume Dirk will become a 6th man to make room for above three players but if you disagree adjust accordingly.

Fantasy Relevant in leagues with 12- to 15-teams:

DeAndre Jordan

66,199 FG%, 52,495 FT%, 0 3PM, 12,81 PTS, 13,88 REB, 1,57 AST, 0,58 STL, 1,39 BL, 1,7 TO

They finally got him! Their center situation was among the worst in the league so it will be a huge upgrade. DeAndre’ve spent his entire career in Los Angeles so joining a new team is an interesting wrinkle for his projections. There are couple of key questions here:
– will Mavs try to expand his offensive game as they have promised? If the answer is yes expect more points but decline in FG% and more turnovers which overall would be pretty bad for his fantasy value.
– will his defensive role be similar or totally different?
Jordan last year quietly collapsed in blocks which could be the result of age-related decline or he simply was put in worse situation to accumulate them. That’s something to monitor in the preseason. I assume some bounce back but not to his typical averages earlier in the career.

Harrison Barnes

44,735 FG%, 82,544 FT%, 1,51 3PM, 17,64 PTS, 5,29 REB, 2,02 AST, 0,7 STL, 0,16 BL, 1,5 TO

Gone are the days of intrigue when we all wondered “what he will do with the bigger role in Dallas? Was he a hidden gem overshadowed by Warriors’ starts”. We now know and the answer was “he’s going to be a steady, solid and boring veteran”. DeAndre’s presence is bad for his rebounds and more ball in the hands of Smith and Doncic is bad for his usage so that’s why I assume slight decline in value.

Luka Doncic

42,264 FG%, 81,515 FT%, 1,54 3PM, 12,36 PTS, 5,47 REB, 3,37 AST, 1,02 STL, 0,3 BL, 1,75 TO

They had to jump through some hoops to get there but their final reward for a terrible 2017/18 was the most accomplished teenager in European basketball history. It’s kind of amazing it wasn’t enough to get him drafted #1 but that’s a topic for another discussion. What can we expect from his rookie campaign in fantasy? Based on his stats in ACB and Euroleague a very intriguing mix of rebounds and assists from a 6-7 player with some solid offense and average-ish rates in steals and blocks for his position. Also keep in mind that European players usually need a season or two to adjust to the longer three-point line so overall he probably won’t crash the scene quite like Donovan Mitchell did but he should be worth drafting in every league possible which is an accomplishment for a rookie.

Dennis Smith Jr.

41,533 FG%, 70,53 FT%, 1,43 3PM, 15,46 PTS, 3,71 REB, 5,86 AST, 1,23 STL, 0,24 BL, 2,76 TO

The reward for lost season 2 years ago so far has turned out to be disappointing. While his athleticism and dunks were eye catching so were his terrible shooting percentages. It’s really hard to be even a solid fantasy player with sub-40% FG% and sub-70% FT%, especially given his volume of shots. I assume he will improve this year but he starts from such a low point this may not be enough to jump into Top150 in 9-cat or he will do it just barely.

Dirk Nowitzki

42,77 FG%, 89,109 FT%, 1,46 3PM, 9,33 PTS, 4,46 REB, 1,36 AST, 0,44 STL, 0,44 BL, 0,63 TO

At age 40 he probably will decline enough to be out of the 9-cat Top150 but he’s such a legend that he deserves a farewell note goodbye. Thank you for so many great seasons and especially those glorious percentages! They can’t be forgotten in fantasy Roto because that’s a level to aspire for other high-volume scorers…

Could be useful with trades/injuries [or in deeper leagues than 15 teams]:
Dwight Powell, J.J. Barea.

Just don’t bother with:
Wesley Matthews, Devin Harris.

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  • gooz

    “The Dallas Mavericks (..) get Nerlens Noel back on a four-year deal”, “Nerlens Noel signed the big deal in the
    offseason” – interestin.. as i know he signed 1-year, $4.1 million qualifying offer to return to Mavs and will become an unrestricted free agent next season

    • TheTremendousJT

      You’re right, oversight on my part. Updated, thanks for the keen eyes.