Fantasy Review For 2017/18 Season:

LeBron James had a spectacular year [especially for someone his age] but all other players simply disappointed.
In fact they were so bad that most of them were basically dumped [I’m talking about Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose]. New mid-season additions didn’t exactly shine either but there were at least a better fit next to their star so it kind of worked for a while. But overall Cavs’ players other than LeBron were a terrible investment last season . What will happen this year without him?

Changes in the offseason

Lost = LeBron James, Jeff Green, Jose Calderon
Added = Collin Sexton, Channing Frye, Sam Dekker, David Nwaba

Projected Depth Chart:

George Hill J.R. Smith Cedi Osman Kevin Love Tristan Thompson
Collin Sexton Rodney Hood Rodney Hood Larry Nance Larry Nance
Jordan Clarkson Jordan Clarkson Kyle Korver Sam Dekker Channing Frye

Positional Battles: SG/SF, maybe PG?

At point guard I assume a typical scenario – with team in the hunt for the playoffs veteran G.Hill will start but as soon as they are out prospect [Sexton] takes over.

Among the wings there’s a real mess. By my count there are 7 players who expect to get minutes there but there’s simply not enough room for everybody. Someone will be traded [Korver is a lock] but someone will be benched. My guess is it will be David Nwaba and Sam Dekker but you never know, they may start at some point in the season. There’s also a possibility of injuries which in this case would clear things up but they can happen to anybody. This is a situation to monitor during the preseason.

Fantasy Relevant in leagues with 12- to 15-teams:

Kevin Love

43,3 FG%, 87,5 FT%, 2,24 3PM, 22,67 PTS, 11,36 REB, 2,27 AST, 0,84 STL, 0,45 BL, 2,14 TO

He will be #1 option again just like in Minnesota so Love’s minutes and usage will skyrocket and his offensive numbers will grow with it. But there are couple issues with the comparison to 2013/14 season. Obvious one is age – Love is 30 years old so he’s physically worse than he was back then. Also Timberwolves had a better point guard than current Cavs and way better defense so Love will be on a worse team. Finally Cavs’ coach may not use him the same way Rick Adelman did so overall you probably shouldn’t expect anything close to Love’s value in 2013/14 even though some kind of improvement is a lock.

Larry Nance Jr.

56,4 FG%, 69,5 FT%, 0,08 3PM, 9,59 PTS, 7,01 REB, 1,34 AST, 1,34 STL, 0,65 BL, 0,91 TO

LeBron’s decision to leave opened a lot of minutes at power forward to redistribute. Some of them will go to Kevin Love, some of them will help with the logjam among wings but at least a piece of them should give Nance more playing time. His per-minute numbers have been really good 3 seasons in a row so I’m pretty sure he will play well given the chance but the question is will he get it? I assume yes but you should adjust this ranking based on Tyronn Lue’s plans for the rotation.

George Hill

45,2 FG%, 78,8 FT%, 1,48 3PM, 12,29 PTS, 2,91 REB, 3,66 AST, 0,91 STL, 0,29 BL, 1,52 TO

He finds himself in a similar situation as last year – he’s a mentor/placeholder for young point guard and he has a high chance of being traded to the contender. But don’t worry, he changed teams multiple times in the past and he was at least decent in all of them so that’s his baseline of expectations anywhere he lands. His game while not flashy simply fits well with almost any other guard in the league.

Rodney Hood

42 FG%, 82,4 FT%, 2,16 3PM, 15,74 PTS, 3,15 REB, 1,93 AST, 0,77 STL, 0,19 BL, 1,31 TO

Rodney Hood seems like the safest bet among Cavs’ wings to get significant minutes because they really need more offense without LeBron but there’s a catch. He didn’t sign a new contract in the offseason so it’s not clear if he’s in their long-term plans. It means his possible outcomes for this year are all over the place. He could be Cavs’ second-leading scorer on his way to massive payday or he could be traded to other team’s bench. What’s more he had only one healthy season out of four so you will draft him with a lot of risk attached.

Could be useful with trades/injuries [or in deeper leagues than 15 teams]:
Cedi Osman, Tristan Thompson, Kyle Korver, David Nwaba

Just don’t bother with:
Collin Sexton, J.R. Smith, Jordan Clarkson

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