Fantasy Review For 2017/18 Season:

None of their players were above average in value calculated for 9-cat roto so the overall quality was very weak. But in that desert there were some blossoming prospects, Lauri Markkanen had a strong rookie season, Kris Dunn came back from the injury and he was way more productive than in Minnesota and Bobby Portis took advantage of more minutes without Mirotic [who he punched in the face before the season so he kind of created that opportunity]. Also Denzel Valentine and Justin Holiday had their temporary moments of relevance so Bulls have a lot youth to work with this season.

Changes in the offseason

Lost = Jerian Grant, David Nwaba
Added = Jabari Parker, Wendell Carter Jr, Chandler Hutchison

Projected Depth Chart:

Kris Dunn Zach LaVine Jabari Parker Lauri Markkanen Robin Lopez
Cameron Payne Justin Holiday Denzel Valentine Bobby Portis Wendell Carter Jr.
Ryan Arcidiacono Chandler Hutchison Justin Holiday Jabari Parker Cristiano Felicio

Positional Battles: C, maybe F?

At center is a typical choice between solid veteran earning starter’s salary and promising rookie who may not be ready for prime time. Bulls are far away from being a contender so I assume they will only begin the season with Robin Lopez at center but they will switch it in December or January to finish the year with Wendell Carter.

There’s also a complicated situation with Jabari Parker, at which position he’s going to play? I think he can’t handle being full time SF but he probably shouldn’t replace young PF’s either so this will be a tough dilemma for coach Hoiberg to solve.

Fantasy Relevant in leagues with 12- to 15-teams:

Zach LaVine

44 FG%, 82,1 FT%, 2,16 3PM, 19,95 PTS, 4,03 REB, 3,47 AST, 1,13 STL, 0,22 BL, 2,08 TO

He signed a star-level contract and he shouldn’t have any lingering effects of torn ACL anymore so it’s time to shine. Before the injury LaVine was versatile offensively so given enough shots this year he will probably set a new career-high in points but the question is will he become a more well-rounded player?
His defensive numbers were very weak for uber-athletic wing so he will have to improve them to jump from specialist in offense to a legit fantasy star.

Jabari Parker

46,7 FG%, 75,5 FT%, 1,51 3PM, 17,32 PTS, 5,44 REB, 2,09 AST, 0,9 STL, 0,37 BL, 1,84 TO

His stint with the Bucks didn’t work out mostly because of the injuries but when he was healthy he didn’t fit well with Giannis either. He got another chance in hometown Chicago but I’m not sure his fit will be any better because at his natural position of PF they also have a starter of the future [Markkanen]. What’s more he will even duplicate a role of strong-offense weak-defense player with recent ACL surgery [Lavine] so I assume Jabari won’t be able to fully spread his wings and he will be just decent with sizeable risk of missed games.

Lauri Markkanen

44 FG%, 84,5 FT%, 2,18 3PM, 14,24 PTS, 6,66 REB, 1,02 AST, 0,51 STL, 0,55 BL, 1,1 TO

Despite very promising rookie season in my opinion he’s going to have a slightly worse second year because of Bulls’ offseason decisions. Both Jabari Parker and Wendell Carter will affect his opportunity to play significantly more minutes [at PF and C respectively] and the return of Lavine will push Lauri down on the team’s usage chart. So unfortunately this seems like a season of waiting as a role-player instead of finding out how high his ceiling is.

Kris Dunn

41,5 FG%, 72,6 FT%, 0,94 3PM, 12,18 PTS, 4,07 REB, 5,67 AST, 1,97 STL, 0,5 BL, 2,65 TO

Dunn got a chance to start and he collected really good defensive stats but his offense will need some serious work. He couldn’t hit threes or free throws at an efficient rate and his finishing at the rim was among the worst in the league so he kind of became yin to Lavine’s yang. If only Bulls could combine those two players they would have a superstar… but they can’t so they have to hope for improvements. Otherwise Dunn will probably settle as a poor man’s Ricky Rubio.

Could be useful with trades/injuries [or in deeper leagues than 15 teams]:
Wendell Carter Jr, Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine, Cameron Payne, Justin Holiday.

Just don’t bother with:
Robin Lopez, Chandler Hutchison

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  • webslinger48

    I just ended up with Dunn, LaVine and Parker on the same fantasy team so hopefully they take a step this year.

    I am enjoying the previews, thanks for doing them.