Fantasy Review For 2017/18 Season:

Two projected starting guards played a total of just 49 games but in their place emerged a great free agent pickup in Spencer Dinwiddie [at least for the first half of the season]. Other veterans like Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Allen Crabbe and DeMarre Carroll had solid rotation-level years but Nets didn’t have anybody in Top80 so they provided only depth for fantasy teams. Jarrett Allen was a nice surprise but he played below 20 minutes per game which hopefully will change in 2018-19…

Changes in the offseason

Lost = Quincy Acy, Tyler Zeller, Jeremy Lin
Added = Ed Davis, Kenneth Faried, Jared Dudley, Shabazz Napier, Dzanan Musa

Projected Depth Chart:

Spencer Dinwiddie Allen Crabbe DeMarre Carroll R. Hollis-Jefferson Jarrett Allen
D’Angelo Russell Joe Harris Caris LeVert DeMarre Carroll Ed Davis
Shabazz Napier D’Angelo Russell Dzanan Musa Jared Dudley Kenneth Faried

Positional Battles: PG

Spencer Dinwiddie vs D’Angelo Russell is a fascinating decision for the Nets to handle.
Both are young but already had a bumpy road to get into New York, both require a new contract after this year and none of them is a lock to be starting point guard in the future. I hedged with projected minutes for them because I have no idea who do they prefer or even what factors will decide so if in the preseason there’s an announced winner of this battle, his value will be higher than projected.

Also there’s a possibility there will be changes among wings but at least early in the season Crabbe and Carroll should have solid minutes.

Fantasy Relevant in leagues with 12- to 15-teams:

Jarrett Allen

56 FG%, 75,8 FT%, 0,14 3PM, 10,56 PTS, 6,59 REB, 0,94 AST, 0,45 STL, 1,44 BL, 1,49 TO

22nd pick in 2017 draft who is barely 20 years old and at least in fantasy I think he’s going to be their best player. That says a lot about the state of this team [though obviously I can’t predict future trades so someone, for example Jimmy Butler, would change this] but in his rookie season he flashed potential for solid big man stats with average FT% and that combo is really valuable in Roto. But keep in mind that in 2016/17 he couldn’t hit free throws well and the sample size in NCAA was almost identical to his rookie year in the NBA so don’t automatically assume he will improve above 80%. He may do it, just don’t buy it with 100% guarantee.

Allen Crabbe

41,5 FG%, 85,7 FT%, 2,86 3PM, 13,8 PTS, 3,98 REB, 1,44 AST, 0,68 STL, 0,4 BL, 0,92 TO

It’s popular to complain about his contract but Crabbe have secretly been on track to be one of the best Top20 high-volume 3-point shooters of all-time and there’s no shame in excelling in the most sought for skill of his era.

Sure, he doesn’t offer any defensive numbers but if he could do it, he would be a star! Just accept him as a player with 1 great category, 2-3 average ones and just enough in others to be overall a solid rotation piece.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

46,2 FG%, 76,9 FT%, 0,26 3PM, 12,59 PTS, 6,6 REB, 2,41 AST, 1,05 STL, 0,69 BL, 1,8 TO

In my opinion it’s the sink or swim season for RHJ. Will he be able to shoot threes or will he prove this year he can contribute enough in non-shooting categories to mask the fact that he can’t shoot behind the line? Can he be a starting forward on a legit playoff team or he will be demoted to reserve role in the future? There are some optimistic signs like improvement in FT% and solid mid-range percentages but it probably won’t be enough without the viable three-point shot. Thaddeus Young is the last PF of this profile to start regularly but even his days seem to be numbered so those are just low odds for Rondae.

DeMarre Carroll

41,5 FG%, 75,1 FT%, 1,89 3PM, 12,6 PTS, 6,06 REB, 2,07 AST, 0,83 STL, 0,41 BL, 1,36 TO

Here’s a nice example how valuable is ability to make threes. Carroll went from a limited bench player to legit starter on a contender to a proven and safe veteran on rebuilding team just because he unlocked that skill 5 years ago. While 3&D roles may not be exciting in fantasy or in real life there are a lot of jobs in the NBA for that type of players which basically guarantee significant minutes and a high-floor low-upside play in fantasy.

Spencer Dinwiddie
38 FG%, 81,9 FT%, 1,67 3PM, 11,08 PTS, 3,04 REB, 5,76 AST, 0,89 STL, 0,3 BL, 1,41 TO
D’Angelo Russell
41,5 FG%, 75,1 FT%, 2,11 3PM, 15,88 PTS, 3,89 REB, 5,42 AST, 0,89 STL, 0,3 BL, 2,94 TO

As I’ve mentioned above in the “Positional Battles” section their value is connected to each other… and even their projected stats are kind of similar. Sure, Russell is more of a scorer and Dinwiddie is more of a distributor but from that comparison alone it would be really hard to guess which one of them was a 2nd pick in the entire draft and which one was a 2nd round pick. But it’s an important information because it may be the reason why many, and quite possibly the Nets, still consider D’Angelo’s upside as way higher.

Could be useful with trades/injuries [or in deeper leagues than 15 teams]:
Joe Harris, Caris LeVert, Ed Davis

Just don’t bother with:
Kenneth Faried

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